Garage Door Repair Tips And Tricks

Garage DoorIf you have ever been locked in/out of the garage (because the garage door wouldn’t open), you then understand why the garage door should regularly be serviced. The garage door can force you to take the bus simply because the pulleys, electrical systems, or even the rollers won’t work at all. Although the largest movable part in most homes, garage doors are very easy to maintain and keep working.  All you need to do is take note of the simplest things on the garage door, such as a creaking sound when opening, dangling cables, dirt on the door’s pathway, or blinking light on the automatic door opener. It is by doing this that you can eliminate most problems that come with a rarely serviced door.

Garage Door Repair Tips and Tricks

  1. Lubricate moving parts: It is by lubricating movable parts of the garage door (such as hinges, arm bars, ball bearings, chain rail and metal rollers) that you reduce friction on these parts, hence make opening and closing easy. You however need to use the right lubricant on these parts to avoid jamming or debris/dust accumulation on the same.  Silicone and lithium spray are some of the most recommended lubricants for garage doors.  Experts do not recommend using WD 40 oils on garage doors, as this can be a major cause of problems after that.
  1. Keep the garage door track clean/clear: The garage door track should be cleaned or wiped at least once a week to prevent accumulation of debris. Such debris makes it hard for the garage door rollers to roll over, and could cause jamming. The best way to keep the track clean is by wiping it with a damp cloth to remove any soil or fine particles from the same. You however shouldn’t use any lubricants on the door track, as this will only attract fine particles onto the same.
  1. Have electricals checked: Most people today prefer automatic garage doors to manual ones, as they are more efficient and offer convenience when needed. Nonetheless, these too can start malfunctioning after some time. If the electrical system starts malfunctioning, you should then have a certified garage door technician service or repair it.  You however shouldn’t wait until the door systems fail altogether – have a timeline under which an expert comes to service it. This should reduce any chances of a malfunction in the long run.
  1. Malfunctioning automatic door opener: Automatic garage doors are the in-thing today, with many people having them installed in their garages. The automatic sensor may start malfunctioning after some time. Running a diagnostic on the same is therefore recommended to help correct the problem. Nonetheless, unplugging the sensor, then re-plugging it again can assist in resolving the problem. Should the problem persist; call an experienced and certified garage door technician to look into it.
  1. Realign door sensors: Garage door sensors fall out of place after some time, which makes it hard for the door do close correctly. Realigning the sensors back in place is one of the easiest and recommended garage door repair tips, as it only requires pushing the sensors back in line.  The sensors should face each other and fit perfectly for the doors to close entirely.  These sensors will at times trigger a blinking light to indicate a problem, with a realignment solving the problem altogether.

The simple garage door repair tips outlined above should help prevent a disaster from happening. Simple acts such as keeping the door track clean, lubricating movable parts and realigning the door sensors can go a long way to ensuring efficiency. If the door isn’t functioning at all, you may then have to call a professional to handle the repairs.