Garage Door Repair Tips: How You Can Fix Your Garage Door

red garage doorIf your garage door isn’t working the way it should, you’ll want to take care of the problem immediately. Garage doors are quite heavy, and a broken door can be dangerous. Additionally, thieves often use cracked garage doors as a point of entry.

Luckily, most garage issues can be resolved quickly and easily. If you read over these garage door repair tips, you should be able to figure out how to get your door fixed.

Is Your Door Closing Too Quickly?

Is your garage door closing rapidly, or making a loud noise as it closes? If so, it’s likely that there’s an issue with a tension spring. These springs help balance the weight of the door. If they’re not working as they should, the door will move too quickly towards the ground.

An unbalanced garage door can easily cause injury. Because of this, you should have a repair company take care of the problem as soon as possible.

Is Your Door Refusing To Move?

Sometimes, a garage door will stop moving altogether. There are a number of factors that can cause this issue.

Pay attention to what happens when you press down on your garage door opener. Do you hear some kind of sound, or is it failing to respond at all?

If you’re not getting any response, check the batteries — they may be dead or weak. You should also check the door’s photo eyes and make sure they’re properly aligned.

If you hear a noise, but the door isn’t opening, there are a few potential culprits. There may be some kind of obstacle inside your garage that’s keeping your door from opening, or there may be an issue with the door’s track. You may have also activated the door’s lock or disconnect switch.

If there’s a problem with a track, call a repair company as soon as you can. If you’ve accidentally activated a lock or disconnect switch, check your garage door manual so that you can figure out how to resolve the problem.

Is Your Door Re-Opening After You Close It?

wooden garage doorIs your door closing normally, but then popping open again? There are a few potential causes for this problem.

In many cases, the problem is simple — something inside your garage is keeping the door from fully closing. When you read over garage door repair tips, you’ll learn that many common problems have an obvious solution.

If there isn’t anything in the way, there’s a good chance that the problem is with your door’s open and close limits. Read through your garage door manual so that you can figure out how to adjust the limits appropriately.

Is The Door Closing, But Not Opening?

Is your door closing normally, but struggling to open? If so, it’s likely that the problem is being caused by the door’s torsion springs. Any issue with springs should be dealt with by a repair professional.

Is Your Door Opening And Closing On Its Own?

If your garage door occasionally opens and closes all by itself, the problem is probably being caused by the transmitter frequency. If someone else in the neighborhood is using a similar transmitter frequency, they could unintentionally be opening and closing your door.

You can figure out how to alter your transmitter frequency by taking a look at your manual.

These garage door repair tips should help you to troubleshoot any problems you might be having with your garage door. While some problems require the aid of a professional repair team, a lot of these problems are ones you can handle on your own.